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Learn Vim Progressively

Machine Learning Course (Google)

Ayumi -- Who...

Commercial of Tiffany & Co. - Believe in Love

《动手学深度学习》 李沐 etc

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


Support Vector Machine

Project Jupyter

网络小说 《斗罗大陆》 作家: 唐家三少

codewars  我的个人页面


Book: 商务与经济统计

Book: 普林斯顿微积分读本

数学家 MIT数学教授

Gilbert Strang

Book: 《我生命里的光》

Learn you Haskell

V2ex 职场牢骚

- 是呀 我们都平凡, 但我看平凡的烦恼会有不一样的启示。

More Mathematics, Ordinal Differential Equation Tutorial

From Taiwan Professor:

Perter Norvig site

You Can Always Get What You Want — But Not What You Need (Graduation 2016)




Revolution Thing

Steve Jobs - iPhone published

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